The Wiltshire branch of the Family Counselling Trust is growing fast and we are aiming for 100 referrals this year, mainly from schools, GP’s and other organisations such as NSPCC. We are hoping to expand northwards across the county and engage more with military families in the coming year. We are building strong links with our referrers in the community and following a recent training day on attachment and attunement, we are planning to offer termly supervision to pastoral care staff in local schools. There is clearly a huge need for more specialised support as the problems children face are becoming ever more complex. We are also hoping to offer two local training days each year, the next will be on 5th April 2019 and will focus on children who have Autistic Spectrum Conditions and high levels of anxiety.

If you wish to contact the Wiltshire office, please email the Family Liaison Officer on or tel: 07375 535 407