We are a small & approachable group offering early intervention to families with a child or children needing help with their behaviour.

We have a range of specialist child & family psychotherapists with full training, expertise & experience of all sorts of problems.


We have been up & running for just over a year; during that time we have helped more than 60 families & are working on being able to help people for whom we may not be the most appropriate source of help towards other types of support where relevant.


Peter Currie, who took us through these critical early stages, is now the national chairman of the Family Counselling Trust, & I have taken on his role in Hampshire; we are fortunate that he lives in Winchester & maintains an active interest in the activities of the Hampshire team. We now have some excellent people, all volunteers, working to ensure that we remain financially healthy for the future. Last September, led by Sarah Webster, a dedicated team of helpers put together a delightful jazz evening at the church in Privett, greatly enjoyable but also raising both our profile & a substantial sum for the Charity.


If you are thinking that you could help us with some finance assistance in whatever form, be it small amounts on a regular basis, a one-off donation or a fundraising effort that could be fun too, all would be most welcome.

It costs the charity up to £360 to offer each child & their family a full assessment with six sessions of therapy.


If you are wondering if you need help, please contact us – much better to deal with these sorts of problems early.


Thank you for reading this.



Elizabeth Harrison (Dr.)